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The HMAS Mildura Association
The HMAS Mildura Association is made up of former sailors who served on the ship between 1941 and 1965.

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HMAS Mildura - A Brief History
HMAS Mildura was first laid down on September 23rd at Morts Dock and Engineering Co.Pty.Ltd, Balmain, Sydney. She was 186 feet long, beam 31 feet, displaced 650 tons, with a draught of only 8 feet 6 inches. Originally designed for a crew of 85, this number increased during the war to over 100. Her maximum speed was 15 knots. The armament consisted of 1x4 inch gun, 3x20mm Oerlikons, 1x40mm Bofors machine gun, and depth charge chutes and throwers.

Future Developments
This site will be developed as an on line photo gallery with many original pictures from World War Two.

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